You might prefer to rent a flat or property rather than buying it - for different reasons:

  • You are undecided regarding your future plans
  • You have been relocated temporarily by your employer
  • You are not financially ready to buy a home
  • You are single and prefer renting
  • You are studying or undergoing internship training
  • You are a businessman always on the move
  • You have personal reasons

Whatever your reason might be, you definitely have your preferences regarding the size of the property, its utilities, rental payments, location etc. RE/MAX Midlands Rental Department has a range of properties and flats to suit the personal and financial needs of tenants. Also, if you are a landlord, we can find a perfect tenant for you.

Our Rental Guide explains crucial issues concerning renting and gives you tips on common problems experienced by tenants. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, the guide will help you in negotiations and preparing the correct Lease Agreement.