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Condensation drips from your water glass as the sun streams through your living room. The dodgy ceiling fan whirrs wildly above your head, but you'd sooner risk decapitation than endure another minute of this heat. Summer is coming. But, you needn't dread it. There are loads of ways you can prepare your home so that it stays cool in the days to come.


Rather than quick fix solutions, such as portable fans and thick curtains, more permanent cooling solutions such as air-conditioners and block-out blinds will make a noticeable difference in the temperature of your home, as well as increase the resale value of your property should you ever decide to sell.
However, considering our current economic climate, the more expensive solutions might be an unrealistic option. Below are a few budget-friendly ways of keeping the temperature down in your home this Summer:


Become an air bender (use windows and doors wisely)
Smaller spaces heat up quicker, so leaving doors and windows open can allow for cool air to flow through the home. In larger spaces, close the doors of adjoining rooms so that the cold air is more concentrated in the space instead of flowing into the unoccupied rooms. This only works when the air outside isn't warm. On warmer days, keep your windows open in the evening (only if you live in a secure suburb or have burglar bars) so that the cool night air fills your home. Then, first thing the next morning, make sure windows, doors, curtains and blinds are kept closed to trap the cool air inside.


Live in the shadows (create shade over windows)
Plant large, shade-bearing trees outside of the windows of the rooms in which you spend the most time. Alternatively, you could install awnings over these windows to help prevent direct sunlight from streaming into your home.


Do as the caveman does (cook outdoors)
On particularly hot days, try and avoid using your oven or stove as these radiate heat and warm up any space when in use. On the up side, this creates the best excuse to hold more outdoor braais.


Slumber on snow (use summer bedding)
While it is obvious to ditch the woollen comforter in favour of some silk sheets, it might be less obvious to consider purchasing a Summer pillow. The buckwheat pillow is a trendy new homeowners item known for all kinds of sleep aiding benefits, one of which is that it is naturally cool and comes highly recommended for anyone who gets hot when they sleep. Might be worth trying if you're really struggling to cool down your bedroom.  


Final Advice
For those who have an existing relationship with an estate agent, it might be worth giving them a call to find out if they have any suggestions of reputable local suppliers who could install air-conditioning units, awnings, or any other of the above-mentioned renovations. As suburb experts, good real estate agents often have established relationships with local businesses and could even get you a referral discount for working through them.   

Author: RE/MAX

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