21,886m² Farm For Sale in Rosetta


Rosetta is one of those little villages that, until recently, would have been relegated to a passing glance as you drove through it, on the way to elsewhere. The dramatic views of the Drakensberg from here, and the ‘far from the madding crowd’ country getaway that it offers, are what draw people to Rosetta.

The hillsides surrounding Rosetta come alive during spring and summer with abundant wild flowers; the cold autumns are an array of burnt orange and amber; and crisp, chilly winters offer a frost-laden air with snow-capped peaks in the distance and sometimes snow on the ground.

Do you “SEE” the silence? I hope so because that’s the thing I think I love the most about living in the country: Silence and the time to appreciate it.

I read something the other day. A psychiatrist did a study testing the brains of people who live in the country verses the brains of people who live in big cities. Not only were the “country” brains calmer, they were also more available to learn and observe because they weren’t overwhelmed with noise and other stimulus and that “fight or flight” thing. That’s right, the “city” brains were consumed by a constant jerking back into a fight or flight response to their lives. THAT’S pretty illuminating I’d say.

I, personally, love living the kind of life where my dog has the time and presence of mind to sit and gaze at a rainbow. Wishing each of you this kind of peace.

So, here are 11 things that we think make country living the best:

1. Traffic
This was the very first thing that my brother informed me was a plus about living in the country. I mean, come on- who has time to be stuck in traffic when you can cruise down a back road without seeing anybody!

2. Stars
I am a HUGE fanatic about stars, so I am happy to mentioned this. Oh, and with those clear stargazing skies...

3. Nobody is watching
With very little human population- you are pretty much free to run around and enjoy your freedom, because... nobody is watching!

4. Your backyard is huge
I mean look, this whole area around our house is pretty much our backyard. Having a large yard, also makes it the best for tire swings and other fun stuff!

5. Slower pace of life
Nothing is better than the peaceful, relaxing evenings after a busy day. Or better yet, things just seem to be more simple in the country. You do with what you have.

6. Fresh air (not polluted)
This one came straight from my brother, and I couldn't agree more. IT SMELLS DIFFERENT! And, it is overall better for you! Say goodbye to smog and say hello to clean air!

7. Trees and open landscapes
Who does not love picturesque scenery? There is just something about going for walks or runs in this environment.

8. Having outside pets is easier
As true as this is, I found this kind of funny that my brother mentioned this, because as of right now, we don't have any outside pets. We do though, have a lot of friends who have cows, dogs, horses, chickens and other farm animals. Even indoor pets become country loving' animals!


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